Women in Mining Engineering: Strategies for Success

This new collaborative project, funded by  an Arts-Engineering SEED grant, addresses the progression of women in the mining engineering profession. Despite the investment of both educational and training resources over several decades, women’s progression in mining – a crucial Australian industry – has been limited with women at only 13.4% of the country’s mining workforce. In management roles and/or Board positions in mining, women currently hold only 0.5% in Australia.

The Project will: 

  • Gather together a set of video/audio resources showcasing the careers of successful female mining engineers who have progressed to managerial positions, accessible to potential students and postgraduates;

  • Produce a short report, anaylzing and synthesising international and local barriers and enablers of women’s success in mining engineering. 

    Project Leaders: Associate Professor Bre-Anne Sainsbury, Mining and Resources Engineering, Monash 

    Associate Professor JaneMaree Maher, Centre for Women’s Studies & Gender Research, Sociology, Monash

Project Manager: Dr Fiona MacDonald