Women in Leadership in the School of Social Sciences

Prof Jude McCulloch

The School of Social Sciences is one of the largest Schools of social sciences nationally. It has approximately eighty academic staff and enrolls more than 10,000 undergraduate students annually. In addition to undergraduates academic staff supervise more than one hundred and fifty post -graduate students in the Graduate Program for Political and Social Sciences. The School is a hub for interdisciplinary social science research across the university and nationally. It also boasts a wide range of international collaborations. It includes the disciplines of sociology, gender studies, anthropology, politics, international relations, criminology and behavioral studies. It also includes the Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research, the Centre for Islam and the Modern World, the Global Terrorism Research Centre, the Centre for Population and Urban Research and the Unesco Chair for Interreligious and Intercultural Relations.

In a relatively short number of years the School has gone from the standard across the university sector of having very few women in senior academics positions, to a situation where it has outstripped Monash University and sector averages for representation of women at the Associate Professor and Professor Level. In higher education in Australia approximately 42% of the total number of academics are female, while only 21% are Professors. At Monash University less than 30% of Associate Professors are female, and in line with the sector average, only 21% of Professors are female. In 2013 the School has a total of eight Professors and seven Associate Professors and at each level four are women. With 50% of the Professors and 57% of the Associate Professors females this exceeds the Monash aspirational target of having 30% of Professors and 40% of Associate Professors female by 2015. The strong representation of women academic leaders in the School underpins the School’s excellence in and commitment to gender research and education.