• Centre staff pursue active research programs focused on gender, violence, and issues of women’s equality and participation. The Centre’s research strengths are reflected in our five research cluster themes: 

    Gender, Human Rights and Violence; Gender, Health and Well-Being; Environment and Sustainability; Gender, Culture, Representations, and Media; and Employment, Families, Societies.

    The Centre has a strong Postgraduate Research Program with students pursuing a variety of research topics. Centre graduates are currently working in academic posts within Australia and overseas. In recent years, graduates of the Centre for Women’s Studies and Gender Research have received awards for outstanding thesis work including Dr Sally Newman (Women’s Studies 2008) joint winner of the Australian Women’s and Gender Studies PhD Award in 2010 and Dr Karolyne Quinn (Women’s Studies 2011) who won the  Mollie Holman Medal in 2011. 

    We foster an active research environment through conferences, symposia, workshops and other collaborative activities. Each year, we host distinguished colleagues from many other countries and institutions. 

    We welcome opportunities for collaboration in our research areas.
    Please contact the Centre Director, Associate Professor JaneMaree Maher for further information.

  • Under the auspices of the Monash Warwick Alliance, Professor Jacqui True (Monash), Dr Juanita Elias (Warwick) and Dr Nicola Pratt (Reader, Warwick). hosted a two day sponsored workshop (April 9-10) on new approaches to violence against women. Rethinking Violence Against Women- Comparative and Transnational Perspectives brought together key gender researchers including early career and doctoral researchers from the two institutions with two key objectives. 1) Explore ... Read more
  • Warmest congratulations to Professor Jacqui True, whose book, The Political Economy of Violence Against Women, (OUP, 2012), has won the American Political Science Association’s Human Rights Best Book Award. The citation prepared by the judging committee reads as follows: ‘After reviewing 23 books, which were published in 2012, members of the American Political Science Association Human Rights ... Read more
  • Associate Professor Renata Kokanovic will be travelling to Doha, Qatar in December 2013 to participate in the inaugural World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) 2013. WISH 2013 will feature a distinguished audience of decision-makers and health experts from across the world, convening to discuss practical, lasting and innovative solutions to global healthcare challenges. This high-profile event, which ... Read more
  • Associate Professor Suzanne Fraser (Curtin University), Professor Jan Wright, Associate Professor JaneMaree Maher, Professor Alan Petersen and Dr Claire Tanner   Contemporary medicine is locating the origins of common health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and bowel cancer earlier and earlier in the lives of individuals. As a result, scrutiny of the diet and lifestyle of ... Read more
  • These projects address the intersection of gender and criminality with a focus on the ways in which the institutions of law and justice draw on and reinforce gendered ideologies. Sex Work: Labour, mobility and sexual services (Routledge 2013)Associate Professor JaneMaree Maher,  Professor Sharon Pickering and Dr Alison Gerard  Sex work has always attracted policy, public and prurient ... Read more
  • Project Description and Aims This project was prompted by increasing public concern over Australia ‘s falling national birthrate and on-going political debate regarding the role and provision of paid maternity leave and other initiatives designed to encourage or support those Australians planning or raising families. We looked at the specific groups in contemporary Australia : women or ... Read more
  • Dr Amy Shields Dobson, Professor Denise Cuthbert, with students from ATS3852, 201 Completed with third-year Sociology and Gender Studies students, this project explores issues of gender identity in young people’s engagement with social network sites. Supervised by the chief investigators, students analysed gender discourses in young people’s expressions of identity in a range of online environments. ... Read more
  •   In the struggle to change the place ascribed to women in culture and language, the women’s movement has challenged traditional divisions between High Art and mass  culture and the compartmentalisation of knowledge between disciplines. Arguing that cultural forms as diverse as the Page Three pin-up and the female nude in Renaissance   painting articulate similar ... Read more
  • “Often in media and policy debates about work and family, simple descriptions of work-life balance and integration are discussed; these descriptions don’t capture the contested and often difficult negotiations within families about how to integrate employment and care. Assumptions about motherhood, fatherhood, and care need to be carefully examined to better support people in their ... Read more