New Report on Women’s Political Participation in Asia-Pacific published!

462px-Aung_San_Suu_Kyi_17_November_2011-231x300The Report was commissioned by the Social Science Research Council’s Conflict Prevention & Peace Forum and United Nations Department of Political Affairs in New York.

The authors are Jacqui True, Nicole George, Sara Niner and Swati Parashar of Monash University and the University of Queensland.

This paper examines current patterns of women’s political participation in the four subregions (Eastern Asia, South-Eastern Asia, South Asia and the Pacific Islands) of the Asia-Pacific region.

Key enablers and obstacles to women’s equal participation in formal politics (legislative institutions) and public life are analysed. Successful mechanisms for increasing women’s descriptive and substantive representation, in particular countries are highlighted.

In each subregion the existing or prospective impact of “fast track” policies such as gender quotas and temporary special measures are considered together with an assessment of future priorities for the political empowerment of women. A tools and resources section for subregion is provided with hyperlinks for further analysis.