Gender research strength: five new research clusters to be established at Monash’s CWSGR

Gender research is a recognised strength in the Faculty of Arts, and the Centre for Women’s Studies and Gender Research (CWSGR) will further strengthen this research environment in the form of five new research clusters.

Each research cluster brings together innovative Monash research and offers a new research platform for interdisciplinary research teams.

1. Gender, Human Rights and Violence

Professor Jacqui True and Dr Linda Barclay

Nationally and internationally, gender-based discrimination and violence inhibits community growth and development, reduces global security and prosperity and impacts millions of women, girls, boys and men each day.

This research cluster aims to bring together the innovative and high-impact interdisciplinary research currently underway at Monash into the gendered representations, effects, causes and prevention of  discrimination, violence and insecurity.

It aims to progress a dialogue across Law, Medicine, Education and Arts at the University in this crucial area and to further resource researchers as they interact with key stakeholders.

2. Gender, Health  and Wellbeing 

Associate Professor Renata Kokanovic

Monash Arts and Monash University houses outstanding researcher in gender, health and well-being.

Multi-disciplinary teams and research centres explore gender as a determinant of health and well-being and produce cutting edge research that influences health knowledges and policy settings.

This research cluster would strengthen the research environment claims and capacity of health researchers in Arts and facilitate stronger relationships across Monash.

 3.  Gender, Environment and Sustainability  

Associate Professor Jo Lindsay

Monash Arts and Monash University has considerable strength in sustainability research and innovation. There are successful multi-disciplinary teams focusing on liveable cities and communities.

Existing gender and development research and proposed initiatives in this area offer an opportunity to build a research cluster that recognises the importance of gender in terms of environment and sustainability.

 4.  Gender, Culture, Representations, and Media

Professor Sue Kossew

Monash Arts houses outstanding work in the field of gender, culture and media. This strength crosses Schools and Faculties and is distinguished by the prevalence of emerging ECR scholars. 

This research cluster would allow an additional opportunity and location to showcase the excellent scholarship and cultural production of Monash Arts researchers.

 5. Employment, Families, Societies  

 Associate Professor JaneMaree Maher

Throughout Arts and across Monash there is critical scholarship addressing contemporary employment, labour markets and family structures.

This research cluster offers a direct opportunity to bring together existing funded work in Business and Economics, Medicine and Arts and to enhance existing strengths.

This cluster would support the competitiveness of interdisciplinary teams across the University in seeking external funding in this critical area of research and policy. 

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