Associate Professor Kokanovic invited to participate in World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) 2013

800px-Modern_Doha-300x225Associate Professor Renata Kokanovic will be travelling to Doha, Qatar in December 2013 to participate in the inaugural World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) 2013.

WISH 2013 will feature a distinguished audience of decision-makers and health experts from across the world, convening to discuss practical, lasting and innovative solutions to global healthcare challenges. This high-profile event, which is the successor to last year’s Global Health Policy Summit in London, will bring together heads of state, ministers, senior government officials, academics, and influential business leaders.

Associate Professor Kokanovic will be joining 25 international colleagues in the Patient Engagement Forum, one of eight forums being conducted in parallel at the Summit. Acknowledging that improving a person’s ability to understand and manage his or her own health and illness, negotiate with different cadres of health professionals, and navigate the complexities of health systems is crucial to achieving better health outcomes, this Forum will consider all the different aspects of patient empowerment.

These include health literacy, chronic disease, self-management, and the role of technology. It will also make the case for greater patient involvement in the designing of national policies, with the aim of making health systems more user friendly and information more accessible.