• The Centre for Women’s Studies and Gender Research at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia was established in 1987 and is based in the School of Social Sciences in the Faculty of Arts at Monash University’s Clayton Campus. The Centre’s history and governance reflect increasing recognition of the need for feminist scholarship and pedagogy in the social sciences and humanities.

    The Centre brings together researchers focused on gender equality and outcomes, with a particular focus on women’s status and participation.

    In 2008, the Centre celebrated its 21st birthday with a three day research event featuring Professor Robyn Weigman of Duke University as keynote speaker. Convenors of women’s and gender studies programs across Australia met for a celebration of feminist research and pedagogy.

  • Liv Shore, who studied in the Centre in 2001-4, is currently working at Grand Design but is also working on a project about body image with a production company called Entertain Think Inspire.  The Mannequin Project explores the dominance of small size mannequins and the impacts on women. Read more
  • Centre Background: The Centre was a University Gazetted Centre established in 1987, as a result of sustained efforts by Faculty of Arts staff. The remit of the Centre was to foster and support feminist scholarship and women’s equality in all spheres. The Centre was one of the first University level Centres focused on feminist scholarship Read more