Centre for Women’s Studies and Gender Research

The Centre for Women’s Studies and Gender Research, established in 1987, at Monash University offers a platform to bring  together expertise in feminist social sciences and humanities research from the Faculty of Arts. The Centre was founded to foster research and teaching collaborations that addressed  women’s equity and participation.

In line with changing gender scholarship, current research work aims to produce knowledge about contemporary  dilemmas and contradictions in gender relations, gender equality outcomes and sexualities in all societies. The gender studies stream within the Sociology teaching program, and the collaborative activities of gender researchers across the Faculty are  all informed by the belief that all social processes are ‘gendered’, and that feminist analysis and knowledge is crucial in understanding social processes, power and participation. 

Key areas of research strength are focused on gendered violence in family and post conflict contexts, gendered migration patterns, and fluid constructions of gender identities and sexualities.  





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