Household Electronics

Household consumption and use of electronic devices is increasing rapidly and this trend is likely to continue into the future as technological developments and related socio-technical transformations unfold. While product stewardship schemes now exist for mobile phones (Mobile Muster) and computers and TVs (National TV and Computer Recycling Scheme), there is evidence that considerable quantities of used electronics have not been disposed of and remain stored in households.

This research enquiry is:IMG_2754

  • assessing the stocks and potential value of portable electronics (mobile phones, tablets etc.), computers and TVs, and hand held batteries currently stored in households
  • investigating the factors that influence the acquisition, use, storage, and disposal of these products in different types of households

These questions are addressed through quantitative household surveys and a PhD project conducting an in-depth qualitative study of household practices around portable electronics. The research findings will shed light on what drives material flows for various product types at the household scale, and help identify collection strategies most appropriate for different products and for different sectors within the population.


Dr Ruth Lane                                                                                           

Professor Michael Ward                                                                       

Kaye Follett – PhD Student