Welcome to Wealth from Waste Monash

Wealth from Waste at Monash University aims to map and evaluate the potential metal resource of recyclable materials from Australian cities identifying current social, economic and logistical challenges for collection and proposing realistic measures for addressing these. The project will compare environmental impacts for virgin versus recycled materials for future scenarios.

This ground breaking research contributes to the wider Wealth from Waste cross-university program with Yale University (US), the University of Queensland, the University of Technology Sydney, Monash and Swinburne Universities. The program is funded through CSIRO’s research cluster program and coordinated through the Institute of Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology Sydney.

More broadly, Wealth from Waste explores the feasibility of advanced metals recycling in Australia, anticipating future change in how value is derived along the production-consumption chain and identifying opportunities and positioning for Australia in this process.

Attracting academics from the disciplines of geography and environmental sciences ,social sciences, geographic information systems, engineering and law, the Waste from Wealth research project has generated a network of academics working together to develop sustainable recycling practices for metal waste.

I’m interested, where can I learn more?

Contact Dr Ruth Lane for more information at ruth.lane@monash.edu

You can also visit the CSIRO Wealth from Waste website at http://wealthfromwaste.net/