Welcome to Aboriginal Visual Histories

The Aboriginal Visual Histories: Photographing Indigenous Australians Project (AVH Project) is an Australian Research Council-funded Discovery Project. The AVH project commenced in 2008 with three primary objectives:

  • review photographs of Aboriginal people in key collections around Australia and in Europe
  • produce a systematic history of photographing Aboriginal people from the Australian inception of the medium in 1841 to the present day
  • collaborate with descendants to incorporate Indigenous perspectives of photographs

Ethical principles

The Aboriginal Visual Histories Project has a deep respect for Indigenous Cultural Heritage. To learn more about the ethical principles that guide our research, please view Aboriginal Visual Histories: Ethical Principles.

Contact us

If you have enquiries or comments, or wish to contribute photographs or information to the project, please send us an email.

Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visitors to the website please note the site contains images of Indigenous people who are now deceased.

  • Michael Aird has worked full time in the area of Aboriginal cultural heritage since 1985, graduating in 1990 with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from the University of Queensland. His main interest is urban Aboriginal photographic history. In 2010, Sari Braithwaite filmed a series of short interviews with Michael in his office in Coomera, south-east ... Read more
  • Recorded previous seminars Listed below are recordings of previous seminars available from the Elizabeth Eggleston Memorial Collection: Dr Barry Judd, Monash University, Aboriginal Identity and Nationalism in Australian Football (2007) Prof Lynette Russell, Monash University, From Anthropological Specimen to Historical Actor: William Lanne, Whaler, Shipmate and Friend (2007) Mr Jeremy Ash, Monash PhD candidate, Lining the Path, Mission Sites in ... Read more