Visit the VEL region

VEL Demonstration - panorama_012

You can visit the VEL Demonstration region online any time. If you are already established on another OpenSim grid you can hypergrid over to the VEL Demonstration region using  the following hypergrid  address:


Once you have logged into your own home region, paste the above URL into chat in your viewer and press Enter. The URL will appear as a hyperlink in chat. Click on the hyperlink to open a teleport window, then click Teleport.

If you are new to OpenSim you will need to complete two steps. The first is setting up an account on an OpenSim grid provider website. We recommend ZetaWorlds who can be found at:

Once you have set up your account you will need to download a viewer which is the interface between you and the virtual world. We recommend Firestorm which can be downloaded from here:

Follow the instructions for installing the viewer on your computer. The download is not large and the fully installed viewer is also not large. Once installed, start up your new viewer and then enter your log in details (username and password) from ZetaWorlds (or whichever grid provider you signed up with). Log into your home grid or the ZetaWorlds Welcome region first then follow the instructions above for hypergridding to the VEL Demonstration region.

For instructions on how to set up the ZetaWorlds login on your downloaded viewer