The VEL Project Team

The project team is made up of tertiary educators highly experienced in Chinese as a foreign language (CFL) education, online and e-Learning and the development and use of 3D MUVEs for language education.

Scott Grant (Monash University). Mr Grant is the Coordinator of Chinese Introductory I & 2 and Chinese Online Media I & 2 and the creator of the Monash Chinese Island language
learning simulation in Second Life that has been part of the formal beginner level curriculum at Monash since 2008. In 2012 he was successful in obtaining two seed grants from the Languages and Culture Network for Australian Universities based on his work on task-based learning on Chinese Island. Scott has conducted research and jointly published a number of papers on educational uses of 3D MUVE environments.

Hui Huang (Monash University). Dr Huang is an applied linguistics, second language
aquisition and curriculum development expert and has been intimately involved in the
development of Chinese Island. She has conducted research and jointly published a number of papers on the topic of educational uses of 3D MUVE environments.

Sarah Pasfield-Neofitou (Monash University). Dr Pasfield-Neofitou is the eEducation
Coordinator for the Monash University School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics and is a specialist in applied linguistics, second language acquistion, the use ofiCT in language
education and computer mediated communication. Sarah has a number of publications and a published monograph on second language acquisition and computer mediated communication.

Yu-Ju Lan (National Taiwan Normal University). Associate Professor Lan is a leading
researcher  in the Department of Applied Chinese Language and Culture at the National Taiwan Normal University in Taiwan, Director of the TELL Lab and world expert on teaching and learning Chinese as a foreign language and language education in online distance mode. She is widely published in both English and Chinese academic journals and is the holder of several major Taiwan Government research grants. Associate Professor Lan and her team have collaborated with several overseas institutions to conduct research into learning Chinese as a foreign language. In recent times she collaborated with Monash to conduct live task-based lessons on Chinese Island for beginner level Chinese language learners and associated research.


Ramona Baumgartner (Monash University). Ms Baumgartner is the project coordinator of the ‘Virtually Enhanced Languages’ project. She has a background in language teaching (focus on task-based learning & intercultural communication) and is an experienced educational project manager. Her interest lies in connecting communities through languages in the real and virtual world.

Please contact Ramona for all queries in regards to the ‘Virtually Enhanced Languages’ project: (03 9902 4196).