Project Updates

Virtually Enhanced Languages –
Project updates

August 2105

  • VEL demonstration workshop @ Monash University, Saturday 29 August 2015
  • Further details here

April 2105

March 2105

February 2105

  • Final project report finished and submitted
  • Ongoing updates of resources

October/November 2014

  • Sharing Practice presentation at Ascilite 2014 in Dunedin, New Zealand, 3 – 6 November, 2014 (
  • Webinar to be held (details to be announced)
  • Data evaluation

September 2014

  • Meeting of the Virtual Worlds Working Group (Australia & New Zealand) in the VEL Demonstration region, 4 September 2014
  • Workshop successfully held at two Universities in Melbourne,
    RMIT University, 20 September 2014 and La Trobe University, 30 September 2014

A big thank you to all collaborating staff and students for their passionate participation! We are currently in the process of data evaluation. Outcomes will be presented shortly.

August 2014

  • First resources available on website (pedagogical and technical).
  • Workshop preparation.
  • Online VEL Demonstration region and VEL Sandbox region moved to ZetaWorlds grid (

July 2014

  • Online VEL Demonstration region and VEL Sandbox region established on OSgrid (
  • Workshop and Webinar preparation, ongoing survey evaluation.
  • Establishment of online 3D virtual learning environment demonstration region and sandbox region.
  • First transfer of full 3D virtual learning environment from SoaS (USB stick) to online multiuser grid conducted.
  • Proposal for demonstration workshop at Ascilite 2014 conference to be held in Dunedin, New Zealand, in November submitted for review.
  • Resources section of VEL project website set up. Trial shareable  resources made available and testing carried out.
  • Two online regions (VEL Demonstration and VEL Sandbox) set up and running in the cloud and connected to grid provider OSGrid.

May/June 2014

  • Survey on use of 3D learning environments developed and sent to introductory and intermediate level educators at tertiary institutions with Chinese language and culture programs around Australia.
  • Ongoing survey data evaluation.
  • Expressions of interest for face-to-face hands-n workshops and online webinars received.
  • Ongoing development of full OpenSim demonstration region on SoaS carried out.
  • Grid service provider for online OpenSim regions identified.
  • Commercial service provider responsible for setting up and maintaining Opensim regions in the cloud and connecting them to grid service provider identified and contract signed.

April 2014

  • Nation-wide investigation of the textbooks used by all introductory and intermediate level tertiary Chinese language and culture programs and the contents of those textbooks carried  out.
  • Content taught from these textbooks by each respective program identified and analysed and common themes and content that could form the basis of task-based language learning lessons in a 3D virtual learning environment identified.
  • Sim-on-a-Stick (SoaS) environment for set up and tested for the development and running of full OpenSim demonstration region.

since March 2014

  • Development of resources (demonstration region, lesson plans)