About VEL

Aims of the Virtually Enhanced Languages project

I. To promote and facilitate the widespread integration of 3D multiuser virtual  environments (3D MUVE) and task-based language learning into formal tertiary Chinese
language curricula;

2. To develop and disseminate technical and pedagogical design standards that make
adoption, integration, development and sharing of 3D MUVE and pedagogical resources
easy and inexpensive;

3. To develop a three-tiered infrastructure for the development, showcasing, sharing and
dissemination of these resources;

4. To develop a basic suite of ready-to-use 3D MUVE environments, virtual assets, virtual
tools and learning modules that can be easily adopted by other tertiary level Chinese
language and culture programs;

5. Through a mixed research approach gather data on instructor and learner experiences and views in relation to technical and pedagogical aspects of the 3D MUVE environment and the exemplar learning modules to inform ongoing development and dissemination;

6. To establish the beginnings of a community of practice that will facilitate the ongoing
development and sharing of resources for the model.

Are you keen to find out more? Please contact us: arts-vel@monash.edu