What Is Happening in Ukraine Now and Who Should Be Interested?

AIPA president Adam Warzel introduces Marko Pavlyshyn
AIPA president Adam Warzel introduces Marko Pavlyshyn

On Wednesday 8 June Professor Marko Pavlyshyn addressed the Australian Institute of Polish Affairs with a talk titled “What Is Happening in Ukraine Now and Who Should Be Interested?”

The lecture was delivered at the invitation of AIPA President, Mr Adam Warzel. AIPA has a relationship of long duration with Monash University and especially the Monash European and EU Centre and the Mykola Zerov Centre for Ukrainian Studies.

The talk dealt with the ongoing war in the east of Ukraine and its consequences – the mounting toll of death and injury, the economic losses and the loss of opportunity to implement the values and aspirations of the Euromaidan. On the other hand, the lecture drew attention to the consolidation of national identity and the sense of civic duty that the war had engendered; the growing perception of the Russian Federation as an aggressor and the corresponding increase in willingness to integrate with Western structures like the EU and even NATO. The paper reviewed the reforms that had been undertaken to increase the transparency and efficiency of political and economic processes, while highlighting the widespread dissatisfaction with what is seen as the slow pace of reform and its high social cost.

The second part of the presentation dealt with the importance of the success or failure of Ukrainian reforms, and of Ukraine’s survival in the face of aggression, for the relevant international actors: the United States and the European Union, including Ukraine’s next door neighbour, Poland.