Monash Students at Lviv Summer School 2013

DAvid Priest and Aidan Malec, participants in the 2013 Ukrainian Language and Culture Summer School, Lviv
DAvid Priest and Aidan Malec, participants in the 2013 Ukrainian Language and Culture Summer School, Lviv

David Priest and Aidan Malec, students of Ukrainian intermediate, took part in the Ukrainian Language and Culture Summer School at Lviv’s Ukrainian Catholic University in July this year.

The School offers intensive programs over a three-week period, including daily face-to-face tuition, to students at five different competence levels. Cultural excursions around the historical city of Lviv and a trip to Kyiv augment participants’ language experience. Credit for courses taken at the School counts toward students’ Monash degree.

Asked to comment on the experience for a Faculty of Arts website about Study Abroad programs, David wrote, “Doing the Ukrainian Summer School will not only build your Ukrainian skills at a remarkably rapid rate, but it will give you great confidence in your ability to use the Ukrainian language in a way no other program could. Look forward to amazing Ukrainian food, the stunningly beautiful city of Lviv, crazy Ukrainian traditions and long-term friendships with the others in the program.”

The Faculty’s site contains a detailed description of the Ukrainian Summer School, including testimonials by students who have benefited from it in past years.

St George's Cathedral, Lviv
St George’s Cathedral, Lviv

USFA, Ukrainian Engineers and Monash Helped Students Go Abroad

David’s and Aidan’s participation in the School was made possible by generous sponsors. The Ukrainian Studies Foundation in Australia Ltd., which has supported many Monash Ukrainian Studies projects, including the travel of numerous students to Lviv for the Summer School, once again contributed $2000 toward the costs incurred by each student.

A donation from the Ukrainian Society of Professional Engineers in Australia of just over $1800 helped Aidan and David cover the costs of tuition and residence. The Society, founded in 1954 in Sydney, served over many years as an information and mutual support network for engineers of Ukrainian background in Australia. It gave advice on the construction of Ukrainian community and religious buildings in Australia and maintained links with similar organisations in other countries of Ukrainian settlement. In the process of winding up its affairs and acting through its president, Mr Boris Sherban, the Society contacted the Mykola Zerov Centre for Ukrainian Studies with the offer of contributing the funds in its accounts to a worthwhile educational project.

Aidan and David also benefited from the contribution that Monash University makes to the expenses of students travelling for study abroad.