Alan Cockerill’s book on Sukhomlynsʹkyi published

Alan Cockerill holds up a copy of his translation of Sukhomlyns'kyi's book
Alan Cockerill holds up a copy of his translation of Sukhomlyns’kyi’s book

Monash Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Alan Cockerill, a specialist on the work of the Ukrainian educator Vasylʹ Sukhomlynsʹky (1918-1970), whose name is more familiar in English as Vasily Sukhomlinsky, has authored a new translation of Sukhomlynsʹkyi’s book Sertse viddaiu ditiam (My Heart I Give to Children).

The book, published by EJR Language Service Pty. Ltd., may be acquired through a number of outlets listed on the page

Alan Cockerill is the author of scholarly studies of Sukhomlynsʹkyi, including the book Each One Must Shine: The Educational Legacy of V. A. Sukhomlinsky (New York: Lang, 1999) and the article “Values Education in the Soviet State: The Lasting Contribution of V. A. Sukhomlinsky,” International Journal of Educational Research 24.3 (2016): 198-204.

Alan Cockerill runs a web page dedicated to Sukhomlyns’kyi. A richly illustrated blog titled “In Search of Sukhomlinsky” records Alan Cockerill’s 2009 research visit to Ukraine during which he sought out materials on Sukhomlynsʹkyi in libraries and archives, interviewed Sukhomlynsʹkyi’s daughter and former students, and visited the village of Pavlysh in Kirovohrad Oblastʹ, where Sukhomlynsʹkyi was headmaster of the Pavlysh school in the years 1947-1970.