Call for papers

The conference “Ukraine and the World: Culture, Politics, Society” will provide a platform to reflect on the current state of affairs in Ukraine, including the ongoing crisis in the East of the country, the Ukrainian government’s reform action, and the various responses that Ukrainian society and Ukrainian culture have given to the challenges of the post-Euromaidan era. In order to grasp both the specificities of Ukraine in its present and historical dimension and its place in the international arena, we invite prospective participants to reflect on how Ukraine has imagined and shaped its role in the world and how foreign actors have perceived Ukraine and its international outlook both in the past and in the present day.

Proposed topics, spanning political science, sociology, linguistics, and cultural and literary studies, history and other relevant disciplines, should pertain to one or more of the following research areas: Ukraine and Europe, Ukraine in the global(ised) world, Ukraine and multiculturalism, Ukrainian identities, migration from/in Ukraine.

Papers will be of 20 minutes duration.

The deadline for the receipt of offers of papers is 16 March 2018.

Offers of papers should contain:

  • The author’s name and title
  • The author’s institutional affiliation
  • The author’s electronic and postal addresses
  • The title of the proposed paper
  • An abstract (150-200 words)

The offer of paper should be prepared in English as a Word file and sent as an e-mail attachment to Dr Alessandro Achilli (

All offers of papers will be acknowledged. Notices of acceptance or otherwise will be e-mailed as soon as possible and no later than by 1 April 2018.

Inclusion of accepted papers in the program is conditional on receipt of the registration payment.

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