English subtitles of an Italian documentary provided by Translation and Interpreting Studies Students

L’Occupazione Cinese: Made in Prato, a documentary by Massimo Luconi, produced by D4 with Rai Cinema (in Italian with English subtitles) was screened on 29th October as part of the 6th Chinese in Prato & 4th Wenzhouese Diaspora Symposia held at the Monash Prato Centre on 29-30 October.

As part of the ongoing collaboration between Monash Translation and Interpreting Studies and the Monash Prato Centre, the English subtitles for the documentary were provided by Erika Padovan, Hannah Kirby and Nicola Ranson, all of whom are currently enrolled in the Master of Interpreting and Translation Studies.


Reflecting on the experience, this is what Erika said:

I am very grateful to the Monash Prato Centre and in particular to A/Prof Rita Wilson for giving me and two other translators-in-training the opportunity to participate in this exciting and highly creative subtitling project. 

Under the supervision of Andreu Pedró i Garcia, a specialist in audiovisual translation, I learnt the theory and the practical art of subtitling – including condensing, segmenting, simplifying – and mastered the use of specialised software, such as Subtitle Workshop and Jubler. I have gained precious knowledge about the craft of subtitling that theory alone could not have given me. 

Throughout the project, I liaised with the client in Italy on behalf of the team. This role gave me an understanding of what real-life translation project management is like. As a result, I feel confident about approaching new clients and managing future assignments in a professional way. 

It was a great privilege to collaborate with the Monash Prato Centre. And what a great addition to my portfolio!  

Hannah and Nicola added:  

It has been fascinating to discover the challenges and difficulties that are specific to the medium of subtitling. We have had the pleasure of collaborating with an expert in the field of subtitling, Andreu Pedró i Garcia. He has guided us through the processes of subtitling including the many specific conventions of software.  

We were in direct contact with the director Massimo Luconi so as to fully comprehend the content and message of the dialogue. Embarking on this project has not only been challenging but also rewarding.  

This project has inspired thoughts on future careers and study paths. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Rita Wilson and the staff of Monash Prato Centre for guiding us through this project.



MITS students Nicola Ranson, Hannah Kirby and Erika Padovan with their supervisor Andreu Pedro i Garcia