Completed Theses

The following PhD theses have been completed within Translation and Interpreting Studies:


Glennan, Patrick  (Re)translating Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa’s II Gattopardo  Supervisors: Rita Wilson, Brian Nelson


Al-Ghamedi, Najiah The contemporary Saudi novel in English translation: four case studies  Supervisors: Rita Wilson, Harry Aveling

Badalotti, Floriana Professional multilinguals: translators, interpreters and cultural identities  Supervisors: Rita Wilson, Jim Hlavac

Murtisari, Elizabeth The uses of Relevance Theory for the study of explicitation and implicitation: the case of the Indonesian translations of John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath and  Of Mice and Men  Supervisors: Brian Nelson, Harry Aveling


Shunmugam, Krishnavanie A History of Malay Pantun translations into English   Supervisors: Rita Wilson, Harry Aveling


Formica, Denise Translating Australia: the case of contemporary Australian fiction in Italian translation  Supervisors: Rita Wilson, Susanna Scarparo

Tobias, Shani Traversing Textual Terrains: strategies for translating metaphor in Japanese-English Literary translation  Supervisors: Beatrice Trefalt, Rita Wilson


Gerber, Leah Tracing a Tradition: The translation of Australian children’s fiction into German from 1945 to the present  Supervisors: Christiane Weller, Rita Wilson

Maher, Brigid Jest and Recreation: The translation of humour  Supervisors: Rita Wilson, Walter Veit


The following MA Research theses were completed within Translation and Interpreting Studies:


The curious case of Suite française  Supervisors: Rita Wilson, Philip Anderson


Olivi, Maria Vittoria Narratives in Conversation. Orality in the writing of three African Italian women: Ribka Sibhatu, Gabriella Ghermandi and Igiaba Scebo  Supervisors: Rita Wilson, Susanna Scarparo


Chi, Limin Translation and Modernity in Late Qing China (1897-1911)  Supervisors: Gloria Davies, Rita Wilson

Paredes, Katie Framing in Hispanic-Australian adolescent narratives: worst holiday stories as an expression of identity  Supervisor: Marisa Cordella


Kristoffersen, Victoria Tales in Translation: a study of the German editions of the Grimms’ “Kinder  und Hausmärchen” and their English translations, with a comparative analysis of “Rumpelstiltskin”  Supervisor: Heinz Kreutz