Welcome to Translation & Interpreting Studies

Monash University is currently a national leader in the field of Translation and Interpreting Studies. We offer a Master by Coursework in translation and interpreting (T&I), in two streams, translation only and translation & interpreting.

Our two streams are taught by academics and T&I practitioners. The Master of Interpreting and Translation Studies (MITS) is one of the few courses in Australia approved at the Professional Interpreter, Professional Translator and Conference Interpreter levels by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). NAATI is the standards setting body for translation and interpreting in Australia. Monash is accredited by NAATI for the following languages: Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish.

In 2016, Monash will be teaching the following languages: Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.

Please note that the languages we teach in any given year are subject to demand. If you are interested in a language that is not listed as being taught in 2016, please send your expression of interest to Arts-LLCL-Enquiries@monash.edu

We also run Double Master Degrees, PhD programs in translation, interpreting and intercultural studies, as well as Professional Development short courses.

The program has established strong collaboration with a range of industry bodies, international organisations, associations and government agencies. These, along with cross-faculty partnerships, allow our students to undertake professional internships in a range of areas. T&I students have the opportunity to work with students from other Faculties within the university setting, then build on that experience in professional workplaces with industry partners. There are also plenty of opportunities to engage with literary translation as Monash University hosts The AALITRA Review and runs seminars and workshops on literary translation.

An indication of the quality of the T&I research and training carried out at Monash is the University’s status as a full member of CIUTI (Conférence Internationale d’Instituts Universitaires de Traducteurs et Interprètes), the international association of tertiary institutions offer­ing degrees in trans­la­tion and inter­pre­ting, and the world’s old­est and most pres­ti­gious of its kind. Monash is the first and only Australian university having gained this membership, which is limited to institutions that meet internationally recognised standards.

The stream in Conference Interpreting, approved by NAATI for five language pairs (English with either Chinese, French, Indonesian, Japanese or Spanish), has recently been listed on the Schools Directory of the AIIC, the International Association for Conference Interpreters, which includes only interpreting programmes that meet AIIC’s training criteria.

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