Transition Programs

Pal Camp 1The Arts Transition Programs have kicked off with a bang in semester one.

The PAL program commenced with the PAL camp at Lake Dewar Lodge, Myrniong  on the weekend of February 15-16.  The camp was a huge success and provided an opportunity for continuing members and new Ambassadors to undertake training on leadership skills, public speaking and mental health. On top of the PAL Camp 3formal training a lot of fun was had by all during the games and trivia nights.

The First in the Family Network and PAL Program held it’s first movie night on Thursday, March 20.   The large turn up enjoyed a fun night of pizza and a viewing of the Pixar animated movie Up.

The annual Dinner with the Dean for the First in Family members also took place on Tuesday, March 20 at Taste Baguette.  This was a great opportunity for the First in the Family students to meet and talk with our Dean of Arts, Professor Rae Frances.   The students were given the opportunity to hear about the Dean’s role and background, and share their aspirations for the future.