Tips for Exam Success

test66Exams. The thought of it might frighten you, especially if it is your first at university. Instead of stressing or worrying about it, if you prepare well ahead of time it will ensure that you are well placed to execute on the day. Here are some tips for success:


Make sure that you have revised the main claims of the author(s) in each of your readings; this is essential as many Arts units examine your knowledge of the author’s arguments. Additionally, remember key case examples so that you can apply your understanding to particular scenarios.


It is important to keep in mind the key outcomes and themes of the unit – this is sure to be examined. As such, reconsider how each week’s main points and conclusions relate to the broader themes of the subject. This enables you to highlight which information is actually relevant to the question.


When preparing for your exam it is helpful to review tutorial questions pertaining to each week of the unit. Rereading your answers and possibly doing the questions again helps consolidate knowledge. In turn, it gives you confidence in your preparation and allows you to face the sorts of questions that might be in the exam.

Past Exams

Finally, some units make past exams available – these are accessible via the Search application in the Library website. You can find relevant exams by typing in the unit code and refining the result to ‘Past Exams’. Completing these will position you in good stead to tackle your exams.

Now, all you have to do is put it into effect and perform on the day. Good Luck!

by Vinura Jayasena, PAL Ambassador