First in the Family Information Seminar – Thursday, July 27 at Clayton

Students who are First in the Family often face unique challenges such as moving from the country to the city, having families who may not be as supportive or do not understand why they would want to attend university. The First in the Family Program is here to support you, help you make new friends and give you a head start towards achieving your goals. 

The program also offers FiF students academic mentors who were FiF students themselves to guide them through university! Come on down for this seminar to find out what you’ll gain out of the program and possibly learn some tips, tricks and uni hacks from tutors and lecturers themselves. It’s a great opportunity to mingle with both mentors and FiF students!

When:  Thursday, July 27 at 3 PM – 4 PM 

Where:  Menzies Building, Lecture Theatre H4

Register at the link below