Tips and Resources

Arts Survival Guide


It is full helpful information such as maps, transport information, transition programs, and who to go to for support and general advice.

Download your copy of the Arts Survival Guide at the link below.

Arts Survival Guide 2013.

Transition Videos

The Faculty of Arts have produced a series of 15 informative videos addressing some of the questions you may have when you first start university. 

Click here to watch further video’s from this series.

Monash also provide series of Orientation vodcasts that have been developed for off-campus students, students who may have missed orientation and those wanting a recap.

The vodcasts presented by Monash students take you on a journey from receiving your offer through to exams so that you are well prepared for your first semester at Monash.

To view the Monash Orientation vodcasts visit Orientation vodcasts

Services available to help with your Transition

Image 20Counselling and Mental Health

Offer a counselling service, as well as offering support in all aspects of university life affecting health and wellbeing.

Disability Liaison Unit

Promotes access and equity for students and staff who have a disability, medical or mental health condition.

Monash Student Association Host Scheme

Is an orientation program for domestic and international students.

Arts Academic Language and learning Unit (ALLU)

Can help you with help with study and writing skills.