Welcome to Arts Transition

At Monash, we realise that the transition into university can involve serious academic, social, and environmental changes.

In the Arts Faculty, we aim to facilitate a positive and successful transition for all commencing students into their discipline(s) of study, and onto their campuses.

Our orientation programs provide academic, social, administrative and geographic familiarisation with Monash and they embrace the diversity of our students’ previous experiences.

Throughout the year, we offer a range of programs, services and extracurricular events to help students successfully negotiate the transition into university life.

This website contains information about transition events and transition programs.  If you or someone you know are thinking of coming to Monash University; if you are a transitional student yourself; or if you are looking for a way to ‘give back’  and help students entering into university, take some time to look over these pages and familiarise yourself with the programs available.  From Orientation to Graduation, there are plenty of ways to become involved and plenty of programs to be a part of.

Use this site to find out about programs such as the Peer Mentoring Program, Peer Ambassadors Leaders (PAL) and First in Family, to keep up to date with all news on Orientation, and to contact our Transition Team.

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