Welcome to Transition

  • Transition Coordinator: Rebecca Wheatley

    As Transition coordinator it is my job to help with your entry into the university

    environment. Whether joining us directly from school or having taken some time out; whether you are following a tradition or are the first in your family to attend university; whether you live around the corner or are joining us from afar, we offer a range of programs and are happy to provide guidance to help you settle in.

    The Arts Faculty is a vibrant and diverse Faculty attracting a vast range of students. Although it won’t be possible for me to meet you all personally, I hope you will be part of in either our First in the Family Network (FiF) or our Peer Ambassador Leaders (PAL) Program, and that you will get in touch if you have any questions or difficulties.

    Take a moment to look over these pages, make yourself familiar with the available programs, and make the most of your year!


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