Submission addresses issues in migration settlement opportunities in Australia

Researchers from the Border Crossing Observatory collaborated with Monash School of Social Sciences colleagues from the Monash Population, Immigration, Social Inclusion Focus Program, Monash Centre for Social and Population Research (CSPR), Monash Gender and Family Violence Program, and the Monash Gender, Peace and Security Research Centre in preparing a submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Migration on migrant settlement outcomes.

Our submission presented a series of 10 recommendations and addressed the Terms of Reference to the Committee on the provision of migrant settlement services and opportunities in Australia. The submission reflected the  range of research being conducted within the School on migration settlement and inclusion. It addressed migration settlement policy issues in regards to migrant youth including international students, women in situations of family violence and long term residents of Australia including New Zealander SCV holders and convicted non-citizens.

The submission can be downloaded here and should be available on the Inquiry website soon.