Key Researchers


Professor Sharon Pickering

Program Leader

Expert in irregular border crossing, refugees and gender

A/Professor Leanne Weber

Program Leader

Expert in internal border policing and human rights

A/Professor Marie Segrave

Program Leader

Expert in human trafficking and migrant labour exploitation

Rebecca Powell

Managing Director

Expert in human trafficking, migrant smuggling and irregular migration

Professor Mary Bosworth


Expert in prisons and immigration detention in relation to gender, race and citizenship

A/Professor Julie Ham


Expert in regulation of sex work and migration and its impact on sex workers’ security, mobility and agency

Dr Sanja Milivojevic


Expert in border policing, security technologies and trafficking

A/Professor Claudia Tazreiter


Expert in contemporary human rights discourses, migration and refugees

Dr Francesco Vecchio


Expert in mixed migratory movements, irregular border crossing and informality

A/Professor Alison Gerard


Expert in asylum seekers, gender and the criminal justice system