Trafficking and Labour Exploitation

Human Trafficking

Sex traf bookHuman trafficking in all its forms has been the subject of significant debate and discussion, though empirical research in the area remains limited. In 2009 Marie Segrave, Sanja Milivojevic and Sharon Pickering published Sex Trafficking: International context and response, a book that brought together original research from Australia, Thailand and Serbia (drawing on interviews with victims, authorities, policy makers and civil society) to interrogate contemporary responses to human trafficking and the impact of implementation.

A second and updated volume to this book has recently been published via Routledge titled Sex Trafficking and Modern Slavery: The Absence of Evidence .



Segrave, M., Milivojevic, S. and Pickering, S. (2017) Sex Trafficking and Modern Slavery: The Absence of Evidence, (2nd Edition), Routledge. 

Marie Segrave and Nicola Piper, with Rebecca Napier-Moore co-edited the recently published Special Issue of Anti-Trafficking Review on Forced Labour and Human Trafficking.

Segrave, M., 2015, ‘Labour trafficking and illegal markets’, in The Routledge Handbook on Crime and International Migration, eds. Sharon Pickering and Julie Ham, Routledge, Abingdon Oxon UK, pp. 302-315.

Segrave, M.T. and Milivojevic, S., 2015, ‘Human trafficking: Examining global responses’, in The Routledge International Handbook of the Crimes of the Powerful, eds. Gregg Barak, Routledge, Abingdon Oxon UK, pp. 132-143.


ashgate bookMarie Segrave has edited Human Trafficking (2013, Ashgate) one of four collections in the Ashgate Library of Essays on Transnational Crime (series editor, David Nelken).

Other recent publications that build on this research include:

Milivojevic, S. & Segrave M. (2012) Evaluating Responses to Human Trafficking: A Review of International, Regional and National Counter-Trafficking Mechanisms in J. Winterdyk, B Perrin & P Reichel (eds) Human Trafficking: Exploring the International Nature, Concerns, and Complexities. Canada: Taylor & Francis.

Bosworth M, Hoyle C and Dempsey M (2011) ‘Researching trafficked women: Some thoughts on methodology’ Qualitative Inquiry, 17: 769.

See also BOb Research You Can Use journal article summary ‘Why would anti-trafficking NGOs refuse researchers’ requests to interview trafficked persons?’ on Bosworth et al.’s article above.

Milivojević, S. & Segrave, M. (2010) Responses to sex trafficking: gender, borders and ‘home’. In L. Holmes (ed) Trafficking and Human Rights: Europe and Asia-Pacific Perspectives. London: Edward Elgar

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