Peace at the Borders

This collaborative theoretical exercise has resulted in an edited collection ‘Rethinking Border Control for a Globalising World’, edited by Associate Professor Leanne Weber, published in 2014 by Routledge in their Rethinking Globalizations series.

You can order a copy here.

This book is unique and timely book for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it moves beyond critique of border controls to identify an empirically and theoretically informed plan of political action.

Secondly, it does this imaginatively by applying thought experiment and scenario planning techniques that are usually confined to philosophical and business management literatures.

Thirdly, the adoption of a consistent methodology by the multi-disciplinary writing team will produce a level of continuity and coherence that is seldom achieved in edited collections.

Finally, the book incorporates a series of short critical commentaries from leading social and political thinkers Saskia Sassen, Nancy Wonders and Rainer Baubock who will not be constrained by the thought experiment methodology but will be able to apply their critical perspective across all of the issues raised in the book.

The rationale for this innovative collection is that a preparedness to imagine a transformed future is necessary in order to counter the current impasse in which governments of all political persuasions are locked into punitive border policies which appear to be self-evident in their logic.

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