Borders & Refugee Women

This project examines the impact of policies and practices of the ‘securitisation of migration’ (Husymans 2006) on women’s experiences across four key stages: exit, transit, arrival in Malta and onward migration. Read more

Fluid Security in the Asia Pacific

At a time of global and regional insecurity fuelled by economic and terrorism concerns, this project will provide a rigorous evidence base for the Asia Pacific to better manage mobility in a more inclusive way. Read more

Peace at the Borders

Contemporary border controls have been analysed by critical criminologists in terms of criminalisation and state crime, and are often characterised as a form of war at the border. This project moves beyond the critique of border control practices to identify some broad parameters that could guide a political project of peacemaking at the territorial borders of the nation state. Read more.

South Sudan Diaspora Impacts Project

The Rift Valley Institute’s Diaspora Impacts Project (DIP) aims to fill a vital knowledge gap on the networks and systems of the South Sudanese diaspora. This project focuses on the Australian South Sudanese community, and the mechanisms through which they may influence South Sudan’s current civil war. Read more