Internal Border Control


Globalisation and the policing of internal borders

In Australia, as elsewhere in the developed world, internal border policing is intensifying and diversifying as globalisation increases anxieties about inclusion and belonging. This research program will explore the construction of internal borders that are sometimes aimed at physically excluding unwanted populations from Australia, and at other times are designed to keep subordinate groups in their place. Read more.

Internal Immigration Enforcement

This project examines if the differing organisational approaches taken by Australia and Canada in relation to internal immigration enforcement impact enforcement outcomes (namely the rates of suspected unlawful non-citizens being identified, arrested, detained, and removed). Read more

The Australian Deportation Project

This project will undertake a criminological study of contemporary deportation in Australia. The broad research question is how has the practice of deportation changed the use and experience of social control and regulation? Read more

Global Cities & Illegality

This project examines how global cities force migrants to cope with illegality, focusing on unwanted people in Hong Kong. Read more

Migration Policing

This project analysed interactions between a range of agencies that play a role in detecting ‘unlawful non-citizens’ in Australia. Read more

Understanding Immigration Detention

The first national academic study of life in detention in Britain, this project is broad and exploratory in scope, looking at (a) relationships: among detainees and between detainees and staff, and (b) regimes as well as effects on health, wellbeing, work and family. Read more

Prejudice Motivated Crime

This project will undertake a criminological study of the policing of targeted incidents and crime, that is, incidents and crimes motivated by bias, prejudice or hatred towards members of particular groups, communities and individuals. Read more

Sex Work, Migration and Agency

This research will investigate how im/migrant women sex workers negotiate their security, agency and mobility across sex work and migration regulatory frameworks in Melbourne, Australia and Vancouver, Canada. Read more

The Criminalization of Tibetan Women and Nuns in Asia’s Borderlands

This research proposes to document the experiences of Tibetan refugees on the Nepal border, with a specific focus on the experience of Tibetan women and Buddhist nuns. Read more