Border Policing: Gender, Human Rights & Security

This will be the first international study of border policing that examines women’s decision making in relation to border policing and aims to develop a more comprehensive understanding of unauthorised border crossing and its policing.

It seeks to produce robust evidence capable of supporting a regulatory framework for border policing that is locally grounded and globally connected, adaptable to the changing gender dimensions of mobility, human rights and the future challenges of extra legal border crossing.

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Project updates

  • BOb’s Marie Segrave and Nancy Wonders (Northern Arizona University) led a workshop at the Monash Center, Prato to develop a forthcoming Special Issue of Theoretical Criminology journal with a focus on transforming the border from below. Borders academics from around the world in the fields of criminology, sociology, politics and law who were invited to contribute ... Read more
  • BOb’s Dr Gabriella Sanchez is currently conducting fieldwork research at the US-Mexico border, building a greater understanding of the changes in the Mexican irregular migrant population there. Reporting from Tijuana, Dr Sanchez has shared her field notes below on the changing nature of this border town. As she discovers, Tijuana is no longer an iconic ... Read more
  • Voice is a Middle Eastern project run by Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development (ARDD)-Legal Aid in partnership with Oxfam-GB. It is formulated around the status quo of Syrian refugees residing inside Za’atri camp in Jordan.Working with four groups of men and women Syrian refugees inside the camp, Voice documents their stories to communicate their ... Read more
  • The Border Policing: Gender, Human Rights & Security project is in the final stages of fieldwork, with interviews on the US- Mexico border due to start later this month. This project, about the micro politics of border control, is interested in making sense of border control and women’s irregular migration at the first point of contact ... Read more
  • Read BOb’s Professor Sharon Pickering’s article ‘Deadly borders: women and children seeking asylum’, published today in The Conversation. Professor Pickering dicusses the links between environmental hazards associated with the migration journey and the  impact of ‘border hardening’ on women and children asylum seekers around the world. She argues that these irregular migrants often experience added ... Read more
  • BOb’s Professor Sharon Pickering (a Director and Researcher) was recently interviewed by Brad Collis from the Monash Magazine, arguing that the gender element is critical to understanding what it is that’s driving the massive global rise in irregular migration. Collis writes:   If international debate over ‘irregular migration’ is to move beyond entrenched human rights and national ... Read more