External Border Control

Understanding Immigration Detention

The first national academic study of life in detention in Britain, this project is broad and exploratory in scope, looking at (a) relationships: among detainees and between detainees and staff, and (b) regimes as well as effects on health, wellbeing, work and family. Read more

Crime Control in the Borderlands of Europe

This project analyses the kind of impacts migration is having on contemporary crime control and criminal justice agencies in the European region. Read more

Deaths at the Global Frontier

This project seeks to account for, rather than merely count, border-related deaths, shifting the debate about contemporary border controls towards the acceptance of a more mobility-tolerant future. Read more

Border Policing: Gender, Human Rights & Security

This will be the first international study of border policing that examines women’s decision making in relation to border policing and aims to develop a more comprehensive understanding of unauthorised border crossing and its policing. Read more

Pregnant Women’s Encounters with Border Hardening

Led by PhD Candidate, Brandy Cochrane, this research project investigates how pregnant migrant women negotiate their security, agency and mobility while travelling irregularly in the face of the hardened borders of Australia. Read more