Professor Ben Bowling

Prof-Ben-BowlingBen Bowling is a Professor of Criminology & Criminal Justice at King’s College London School of Law. He was a visiting scholar at Monash University’s School of Political and Social Inquiry (PSI) and The Border Crossing Observatory in 2012.

Recognised as an expert on violent racism and police stop and search practices, his books include Violent Racism (Oxford University Press, 1998), Racism, Crime and Justice (with Coretta Phillips, Longman 2002), Policing the Caribbean (Oxford University Press, 2010) and Stop and Search: Police Power in Global Context (with Leanne Weber, forthcoming from Routledge). He has also published articles on migration policing with Leanne Weber in Theoretical Criminology and Policing and Society. His latest book Global Policing (with James Sheptycki, Sage 2012) includes a chapter on policing borders.

During his visit, he delivered the seminar “‘Mixed-Race’ Identity: Conceptualising a comparative study’, a part of the Criminology Seminar Series at Monash University. He also spoke at a public forum at the end of March (held by the PSI and Flemington Kensington Community Legal Centre) about racial and religious profiling in the United Kingdom, discussing the lessons that can be drawn from the policy and political changes that have taken place over recent decades.