Post-Graduate Students

Current HDR students

Tasia Power

Tasia Power is working on her PhD through Charles Sturt University, researching how Australia’s policies on the securitization of migration impact on the delivery of humanitarian aid in the Asia Pacific region.

Jelmer Brouwer

Jelmer Brouwer has master degrees in both Criminology and Human Rights and is currently a PhD-candidate at the Institute for Criminal Law & Criminology at Leiden University. 

Shih Joo Tan

Shih Joo joined Monash as a Master of Arts student in 2016. Her research looks at the role of anti-trafficking measures in contributing to the welfare and empowerment of foreign domestic workers in Singapore and Hong Kong. 

Patrick van Berlo

Patrick van Berlo is a PhD researcher at the Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology of Leiden University, focusing on crimmigration aspects of the detention realm, comprising both prisons and immigration detention centres. 


Sigmund Book Mohn

Sigmund Book Mohn is a Post Doctoral Fellow at the Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law at the University of Oslo. His PhD project “Policing immigrants“, aims to analyse the impact of immigration control on the police, in a national and local context. 



Former HDR students

Dr Sara Maher

Dr Maher completed her PhD on Somali women’s post-settlement lives – with a focus on transnational care-giving during conflict.

Dr Sirakul Suwinthawong

 Dr Suwinthawong completed her PhD on irregular female migrant labour along Lao-Thai borders.

Dr Bodean Hedwards

 Dr Hedwards completed her PhD on forced and irregular migration of Tibetans on the Tibet-Nepal border.

Dr Brandy Cochrane

Dr Cochrane completed her PhD on the experiences of refugee mothers’ experiences of carework before, during and after irregular migration