New report on children & adolescents in the migrant smuggling market on the US-Mexico border

US-Mexico Border. Report cover image

A new report on the smuggling activities of minors at the US- Mexico border has been drafted by BOb’s Gabriella Sanchez, from her position with the University of Texas, El Paso and in partnership with the Derechos Humanos Integrales en Acción, A.C. (DIHA) NGO. The report titled ‘Neither “criminals” nor “illegals”: Children and Adolescents in the Migrant Smuggling Market on the US Mexico Border’ acknowledges the impact of smuggling facilitation within border communities, and provides a call to articulate solutions that may reduce the incidence and risk levels faced by the children and youth of the US Mexico border.

In this regard, the report constitutes an overview of the facilitation of irregular migration on the US Mexico border from a human rights perspective. It specifically outlines the contexts and challenges faced by boys, girls and adolescents who work in the migrant smuggling market in the Ciudad Juárez (Mexico) -El Paso (US) corridor. It offers a critical view into the migrant smuggling market at this border site by documenting the experiences of the minors who work as agents of mobility processes, and who are known in policy circles as circuit boys, girls and adolescents.