Jelmer Brouwer

jelmer-brouwerJelmer Brouwer has master degrees in both Criminology and Human Rights and is currently a PhD-candidate at the Institute for Criminal Law & Criminology at Leiden University. He has been a visitor at Border Criminologies at Oxford University (April – June 2016) and at the Border Crossing Observatory at Monash University (November 2016 – April 2017). His multidisciplinary dissertation focusses on the intersection of crime and migration (crimmigration) and human rights. It consists of two parts, both based on extensive qualitative empirical fieldwork.

The first half is part of the larger research project ‘Crimmigration and discretionary decision-making in EU border areas’, conducted jointly with one junior and two senior researchers of the Institute for Criminal and Criminology of the Leiden Law School. Based on 800 hours of observational study and 15 focus group interviews with border police officers, he aims to identify how belief systems and perceptions influence and shape the decisions made by individual officers involved in the policing of the Dutch internal borders, and how this drives the crimmigration process. Besides, drawing on 168 survey interviews with citizens that have been stopped during these controls, he studies how these controls are perceived by those subjected to them and what this means for their legitimacy.

The second part of his dissertation focusses on the only all-foreign national prison in the Netherlands, where migration staff is supposed to ensure immediate deportation after prisoners have served their sentence. Based on interviews with migration staff, prison staff and foreign prisoners awaiting deportation, the study provides insights in crimmigration processes in penal institutions and the effects this has on foreign national prisoners.

Jelmer Brouwer MSc E.MA

PhD Candidate (Promovendus)

Leiden Law School, Institute for Criminal Law & Criminology

Steenschuur 25, Room C1.23

PO Box 9520

2300 RA Leiden, The Netherlands