Associate Professor Leanne Weber


Associate Professor Leanne Weber is a Director at The Border Crossing Observatory. She is an ARC Future Fellow researching the policing of internal borders, and works on several BOb research projects.

She has studied and worked at the Institute of Criminology in Cambridge and the Human Rights Centre at Essex University, held research contracts at the Centre for Criminological Research at Oxford University, and taught criminology at the University of Western Sydney and The University of New South Wales. She was previously the holder of a Monash University Larkins Research Fellowship.

Leanne established the Australian Border Deaths Database with Professor Sharon Pickering and as part of the Observatory’s Deaths at the Global Frontier project, culminating in the publication of the book Globalization and Borders: Death at the Global Frontier in 2011 (Palgrave Mcmillan). She is the author of the following book publications including The Routledge International Handbook of Criminology and Human Rights (with Fishwick and Marmo 2016); Fluid Security in the Asia Pacific: Transnational lives, human rights and state control, (with Tazreiter, Pickering, Segrave and McKernan 2016, Palgrave Macmillan); Rethinking Border Control For A Globalizing World: A Preferred Future (ed. 2015); Crime, Justice and Human Rights (with Fishwick and Malmo 2014); Policing Non-Citizens (2013); Stop and Search: Police and Power in Global Context (with Bowling (eds.) 2013); Borders, Mobility and Technologies of Control (with Pickering (eds.) 2006.