In support of evidence based asylum policy in Australia

ASPI_Harris Rimmer BlogLast week, Sue Harris Rimmer from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), wrote a blog post titled ‘Refugee Convention: The Perils of Leaving’, in response to an article published in the Australian Financial Review (AFR). The author of the AFR article presented ideas to ‘stop the boats’, with a particular proposal for Australia to withdraw from the 1951 Refugee Convention in order to achieve this. 

In her blog post, Harris Rimmer challenges the points raised in the AFR article in regards to proposals for asylum seeker policy change in order to ‘stop the boats’. She advocates for evidence based changes to asylum seeker laws in support of the 1951 Refugee Convention.

Through a discussion on points of the Convention that seeks to protect those feeling asylum, including the asylum system and processing, protection of asylum seekers and safe return, she argues that the Convention ‘offers a way to grant asylum as a peaceful, humanitarian and legal act rather than a hostile gesture’.

The Border Crossing Observatory’s researchers strongly support and advocate for the use of  evidence based research in Australian policy development on managing the arrival of asylum seekers.