Brandy Cochrane


Brandy Cochrane is a PhD candidate with BOb at Monash University.

Before receiving a scholarship to pursue her PhD in Monash University’s criminology department in Melbourne, Brandy attended Portland State University in Portland, Oregon, USA where she earned her Master’s in Criminology. Brandy has always been passionate around white collar crime work and found her niche when she came across work on borders and state crime. She was the first research intern at the Border Crossing Observatory, travelling to Australia for the first time to work with Professor Sharon Pickering. The work she did during this internship provided the basis for both her Master’s Thesis (“Drowning In It: State Crime and Refugees”) and an article in Theoretical Criminology (2013) titled “Irregular border-crossing deaths and gender: Where, how and why women die crossing borders” with Professor Pickering.

Pregnant women who travel irregularly in the face of hardened borders are the focus of Brandy’s PhD work. She is a tutor in Criminology at Monash University and also a research assistant for Professor Pickering on work around women who traverse borders and is the Media and Communications Specialist for Border Crossing Observatory. In her spare time she volunteers for one of her other passions, sustainable transport, as a postgraduate representative.

Research blog

You can read Brandy’s blog about researching her thesis here