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  • Detailing a recipe of a snack called Tostilocos or toothbrushes and toys left behind may not immediately bring to mind thoughts about the border. However, in a mix of striking images, stories from the mouths of migrants, and a myriad of details through podcasts and words which revolve around the Mexico/Us Border, a project evokes ... Read more
  • An open letter calling for the immediate closure of Manus Island and Nauru offshore immigration detention centres addressed to Prime Minister Tony Abbot has garnered quite a buzz in the media, academic  circles and a mention by Senator Christine Milne in parliament recently.  Arguing in support of refugee rights, the letter advocates that offshore detention ... Read more
  • Centering on evidence-based policymaking, the United Nations University Migration Network attempts to connect people across disciplines and nations to encourage new thought and research in the field of migration. Encompassing over 200 publications, 37 research projects, the launch of the Network promises a to fill a need for policymakers and researchers about migration. Recent news and ... Read more
  • Driving the infamous trail into Phoenix, Arizona from Sonora, Mexico, BOb’s Gabriella Sanchez contemplates whether Arizona’s extreme border control policies have impacted the smuggling market. Arrests have reached record lows along this path and many border crossers have been pushed to enter via the more dangerous Southeast Texas border, where number of deaths continues to ... Read more
  • Forging a path through the mostly untouched area of the treatment of non-citizens at the border and within the criminal justice system, a special edition Punishment and Society journal explores this issue in depth with a compelling introduction to the topic. State agencies that have been charged with immigration enforcement have become more like law ... Read more
  • Our NGO partner, the Institute of Race Relations (IRR) is currently featuring a series of online articles on international perspectives of the Global North’s treatment of asylum seekers, ‘Taking a stand on human dignity’. Writing on the Australian context, BOb’s Dr Leanne Weber has written her online article, ‘No one can be left without hope: ... Read more

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