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Research Agenda


  • Reaching out across the radio waves, a program focussing on refugees and asylum seekers in Australia and Europe was recently released. ‘Never Talk Politics’ radio undertook a comparison of policies throughout the world to bring better understanding to this topic by explaining why refugees are on the move and providing insight into their migration journeys. Speaking ... Read more
  • Accompanied by a flurry of news articles, an innovative report has emerged on border deaths around the world. From Africa to the Mediterranean to the Americas to Australia, it attempts to fill the gap of silence around deaths which occur when people encounter borders. Acknowledging the importance of this research is the first step to ... Read more
  • Unless you have opted out, your superannuation fund is likely invested in a company which holds multi-billion dollar contract for detention centres on Manus Nauru. Arguing this is another way to oppose mandatory detention, a recent campaign requests that those who have a Unisuper request divestment, boycott, and contact a union representative to affect change. Providing ... Read more
  • Exploring the ins and outs of crime and immigration, a new series released by Routledge entitled Criminal Justice, Borders and Citizenship is full of informative books, many written by BOb researchers. From the securitisation of refugee women to asylum seekers in global cities, these books hold something for everyone…but don’t take our word for it. Policing Non-Citizens, ... Read more
  • The graduates are passing milestones and crossing borders! Julie Ham has completed her mid-candidature review and has published a book review, a co-authored article with BOb researcher Dr Alison Gerard, and is awaiting the release of a co-edited book on October 8. Her recent publications include: Ham, J., & Gerard, A. (2013). ‘Strategic in/visibility: Does agency make ... Read more
  • Congratulations to Dr Leanne Weber and Professor Jacqui True, each a winner of an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship! BOb co-Director Dr Leanne Weber’s Future Fellowship research project, entitled ‘Globalisation and the policing of internal borders’, comes after the success of winning the 2013 Christine M. Alder prize for her book, Globalisation and Borders, co-written with ... Read more

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