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Research Agenda


  • The 4th biannual Oceanic Conference on International Studies (OCIS) held in Melbourne this month featured a number of Border Crossing Observatory researchers and students, highlighting the diverse work that BOb researchers do on border, migrant, refugee and security issues. Prof Jacqui True presented alongside co-author Sara Davies, on ‘preventing conflict-related sexual and gender-based violence with early ... Read more
  • Focusing on the Indonesian perspective, a study examines the extradition (or lack thereof) of people smugglers between Australia and Indonesia. An extradition treaty was signed between Australia and Jakarta in 1992, but since that time there have been multiple complications with this process. Having spent fourteen months in Indonesia, BOb’s Dr. Antje Missbach looks at these ... Read more
  • Photo: BOb’s Dr Leanne Weber presents on deportation practices across the Global North at the BSC conference in Liverpool. Making a big splash at the British Society of Criminology Conference last week, BOb’s network was out in full force informing people about the importance of border research. Hosted by the University of Liverpool, this interesting conference drew ... Read more
  • Monash Criminology PhD student Sara Maher is proud to launch the Anyikool Project, a collection of migrant stories from South Sudanese women elders living in Melbourne. The Project was launched at the African Australian Community Centre in Footscray. The Victoria State Library will hold the extraordinary life stories of these South Sudanese Australian women to their oral history ... Read more
  • In a world where there seems to be almost infinite amounts of information and research, one can be overwhelmed by where to look for the latest work around borders and migration. In answer to this issue, a new resource has emerged named ‘Criminal Justice, Borders & Citizenship Research Paper Series’ on the Social Science Research ... Read more
  • There are a number of myths surrounding sexual violence in conflict. 1. Sexual Violence in Conflict is Inevitable; 2. Sexual Violence Affects Only Women and Girls; 3. Rape is Used as an Intentional Weapon of War Through the Line of Command; 4. Sexual Violence Occurs in All Conflicts. In order to stop sexual violence within conflict, the issues first need ... Read more

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