Thinking Theatre in 2017?

Are you thinking about Theatre and Performance in 2017?

The Centre for Theatre and Performance is preparing for an exciting year ahead! We are delighted to offer Theatre Major and Theatre Minor degrees as well as the continuation  of our Performance Minor: a minor degree focused entirely on performance skills. The year also marks the second year of our official partnership with the Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne’s most exciting hub of creativity through performance. First year students coming to Monash are invited to enroll in our ‘Gateway Units’: Performance in Context I and II (see video on this page).

2017 also sees the continuation of two exciting new units Acting Theory and Practice I and II

Sticks and Stones
‘Sticks and Stones’ Second Year Musical Workshop production

Students who have already completed these Gateway units are invited to continue with CTP embarking on a Major or Minor in Theatre, or joining the first year of our Performance Minor. These degrees offer units in Script development, Directing, Performance Histories and Philosophies as well as offering a range of exciting industry internship opportunities. For all inquiries or questions, contact undergraduate coordinator Fiona Gregory <> or Felix Nobis <> or get in touch with the Arts Students Services Team!