Thinking of a Theatre Internship in 2018?

  • Internships can happen any time over the year (Summer or Winter included)
  • The best way to think about an internship is to identify the kind of learning you want and the kind of host you want to work with
  • You cannot enrol in this unit via WES so contact the unit coordinator with an idea or a proposal 
  • We will list some internship opportunities here, but we encourage you to identify your own and follow up on them
  • Once you are ready to approach a host organisation, get your CV in order and craft and expression if interest (see guide and sample below) and get in touch with the unit coordinator

Look over the unit guide and material attached for more information

 CTP Theatre Internship Unit Overview (click here)

ATS3775  Unit Guide 2017

Malthouse Opportunities 2018 

Semester One

Going Down 19th Feb – 18th March 

**Expressions of Interest now due

Sisters Hayes 



26th March – 29th April 

Matt Lutton 

Venue Mgt / Production Mgt / Melbourne Comedy Festival 

Melbourne Comedy Festival 

Feb – April 

**Expressions of Interest now due

Toby Sullivan Malthouse Assoc. Producer  The Coopers Malthouse acts as a major venue hub of the Melbourne Comedy Festival, hosting and umbrella marketing up to 16 shows across 5 established and temporary venues in the building.
This placement can begin as early as November and continue at the student’s convenience right through to the Festival in April, working to manage the production and scheduling requirements of the venue, coordinate and support the shows’ marketing, and build the venue’s branding and patron offering.
It’s a broad and flexible role, very responsive, that includes aspects of event management, production management, marketing coordination and some creative elements.


This internship could take place Sem 1 or Sem 2 Education Team

Some observations from 2017 Education Intern Chloe Smith:


Prompt brings students and teachers together with experienced industry professionals. As a prospective VCE Drama and Theatre Studies teacher, this internship was very valuable. I had the opportunity to work behind the scenes on the 2017 production of The Real and Imagined History of the Elephant Man. I co-created the extensive 60page student/teacher resource for the VCE playlisted production.

My roles and responsibilities throughout the internship in the education department included:

  • Observing rehearsals (focusing on actor/audience relationship, characterization, gestures etc. – through a VCE Curriculum lens)
  • Writing contextual information of Prompt Pack (Industrial Revolution, Joseph Merrick etc.)
  • Writing about past representations of The Elephant Man
  • Brainstorming questions for cast/creative video interviews
  • Transcribing/video logging/time stamping interviews for  video editor
  • Collating the copy (table of contents)
  • Liaising with producer, box office, marketing and design teams
  • Editing/proofing the copy (15,000+ words)
  • Attending Malthouse VCE Design Presentations

See Chloe’s internship powerpoint presentation:  ChloeSmith INTERNSHIP PRESENTATION


Marketing and Arts Administration Malthouse Season Launch 


11th July – 19th Aug 

Declan Greene 

Semester Two


Blasted (By Sarah Kane)

23rd July – 19th Aug

Ann-Louise Sarks 


Sept – October  Mark Pritchard  Find out about Michelle’s Dramaturgy internship experience


This internship could take place Sem 1 or Sem 2 Education Team See Sem 1 information 

ATS3775 Suggestions on Writing an Expression of Interest

Example Expression of Interest