Theatre course on centre stage

A new fully integrated Monash University theatre and performance course will bring together theory and practice in an intellectually stimulating and creatively inspiring environment.


Senior Lecturer in theatre and performance at Monash University Dr Jane Griffiths said the integration of the Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA) and Bachelor of Arts (BA) theatre major would create a new and exciting extended theatre major and performance minor within the Bachelor of Arts degree.


“The new three-year degree, to start in 2014, will retain the best elements of the BPA and the BA theatre major,” Dr Griffiths said.


“We have designed a course that will be engaging and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing a stimulating and inspiring environment.”


The course will incorporate the theories of theatre and performance; students will be able to broaden their education by taking other complementary units from the Bachelor of Arts offerings. There will also be opportunities for ongoing industry engagement both locally and internationally.


“Over recent years, Monash University’s Centre for Theatre and Performance, through its BA with a theatre major and specialist Bachelor of Performing Arts, has delivered some of the best education in theatre and performance in the country,” Dr Griffiths said.


“It offers a unique range of units in which theory has always gone hand in hand with practice, demonstrating the University’s belief in the importance of combining academic knowledge with practical exploration.”


The Centre has proved an incubator for new talent through its continued engagement with some of the best actors, directors and playwrights nationally and internationally. Recent international visitors have included performance artists Tony Yap and Tim Miller, and in 2014 there will be workshops by renowned director Lee Bruer and Forced Entertainments’ Robin Arthur.  Local practitioners such as Adena Jacobs, Nadia Tass, Pamela Rabe, Emma Valente, Jane Harrison and Rob Reid have also shared their experiences with the students. 


“Many of our graduates are now forging remarkable careers in the performing arts, and demonstrate in their lives post-Monash the importance of their education in practice and theory,” Dr Griffiths said.


“The new course will provide an exceptional education for our students, and we are delighted that it will mark the continued flourishing of theatre and performance studies at Monash University.”

For more information contact Glynis Smalley, Monash Media & Communications + 61 3 9903 4843 or 0408 027 848.