Talking material, design, budget with DEATH MATCH Costume Designer Amy Porter

Monash CTP’s incredible 3rd year production Death Match opens at the Malthouse Theatre TONIGHT with a 7pm start!

This incredible show from Director: Katrina Cornwell and Writer: Morgan Rose is an explosive new work of physical theatre, which tackles the big issues – life, death and ambition – against the backdrop of a sporting arena

We caught-up with Costume Designer Amy Porter for a quick chat this week in between the craziness that was bump-in

Here’s what she had to say about Death Match:-

Can you tell us in your own words a little about Death Match?
An explosive new work psychically and visually. Pushing the boundaries of theatre and sport

What is your role in this production?
Costume designer

What has been the best part of being involved in this production?
Getting to work in a professional environment which pushes my own experience in design

What has been the most challenging?

How have you grown as a costume designer after this process?
I’ve grown in many ways, both mentally and creatively. I’ve learnt how to work with difficult materials and learnt how to change design ideas under pressure in a short amount of time.

Why should people come to see Death Match?
To support their cohort (Tickets are free for Monash students) and to see an awesome show

In just 3 words describe death Match to those who don’t know it!
Intense. Sweaty. Fast

Sounds great – be sure to grab your tickets now

REMEMBER: If you can’t win, what’s the point

Director: Katrina Cornwell
Writer: Morgan Rose
Assistant director: Cody Baldwin
Stage manager: Charlotte Armstrong
Lighting designer: Georgie Wolfe
Sound designer: James Walker
Set designer: Grace Ulrich
Costume designer: Amy Porter

Stephen Amos
Rebecca Catalano
Elly D’Arcy
Aleeah Gabriel
Earl Marrows
Ursula Searle

The Coopers Malthouse, Tower Theatre
113 Sturt Street, Southbank

Thursday 28 September to Saturday 30 September: 7pm
Tuesday 3 October to Saturday 7 October: 7.00pm
Tickets- $10-$22

PIC CREDIT: Penny Stephens for Malthouse Theatre