Summer Unit in Presentation Skills

voiceCTP is pleased to announce a new 6 point Summer Unit in Professional and Academic Presentation Skills .  The unit will cover a range of skills from an ‘introduction to vocal techniques’ to workshops on persuasive speaking, microphone technique, group work and the creation of vodcasts.  The unit runs for 2 weeks from 9th – 21st January and is open to students from all faculties (*with approval).

ATS2910 Professional and Academic Presentations Skills 

From previous workshops:

“The performance aspect of the class developed my confidence and public speaking abilities. I see myself as a terrible public speaker as I lack confidence in myself. The chance to develop scripts and perform them to an audience in a pressure-free environment has helped increase my confidence in performance and has also given me the courage to speak out more”

“The learning objective of improving one’s confidence when presenting in front of an audience is a key skill in everyone’s learning and career and this is what I gained most.”

“Voice coaching was great!”

“Even for someone who has had previous voice training this activity was so beneficial. I hadn’t been able to practice voice exercises in months and months. This activity simply reinforced the love and knowledge I already had for public speaking and performing. However I can see just how advantageous this activity would be especially to someone who’s had no previous experience in training of the voice.”

“Most valuable part for me was: ‘Voice exercise’”

“the vocal exercises that Felix went through taught me a lot about calming my nerves and the skills required for speaking clearly. I have experience a multitude of presentation where the presenter is mumbling, speaks too fast or too slow among many other flaws but have not known how to overcome these problems myself.”

“(best was) learning all the tips and tricks about what to do when filming a video”

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Vocal skills i: Finding your Voice

·         Introduction to vocal skills (how the voice works)

·         Pronunciation for local and foreign voices

·         Practice Exercises

·         Reciting: from Shakespeare to rap

 Vocal skills ii: Sustaining a Spoken Idea

·         The monologue

·         Reading from notes

·         Giving a spoken presentation

Vocal Skills iii: Technique and Amplification

·         Phonetics

·         Speech in Theatre (European Tradition)

·         Amplified Voices (radio and microphone technique)

Creating a script to come up with answers

·         Improvising skills

·         Improvising dialogue

·         Creating a script

·         Working in groups

Advanced Presentations Skills (i)

·         Informative and persuasive speaking

·         Creating an argument

·         Argumentations skills

Advanced Presentations Skills (ii)

·         Giving a group presentation

·         Using Visuals (power-point and handouts)

Vodcast workshop

·         Ways of approaching the vodcast task

Social event / theatre

·         Group outing to theatre or performance event