‘Research Currents’ for Post-Grad

As part of the CTP’s Research Seminar Series 2017, there will be three amazing and extremely talented Monash Post-Grad students talking about where they are at with their Post-Grad work and what they are working on within the theatre & performance realm – and to give interested students an idea as to the type of work they could be working on if deciding to tackle a Post-Grad with Monash CTP!

The seminar is entitled:-

‘Research Currents’
WHEN: Thursday, 11th May, 12-1 pm
WHERE: CTP Staff Room 213, Performing Arts Centre, 55 Scenic Drive, Clayton Campus
And will feature CTP Post-Graduate Students Merophie Carr, Angela Clarke, and Christopher Wenn

Merophie Carr is a theatre director, teacher and PhD candidate at Monash University. She has worked in the realm of public art and performance for over 20 years.

Angela Clarke is an artist-researcher, singer-songwriter, and arts educator. She uses a range of body-centred practices to develop and make contemporary theatre performances.
Chris Wenn is a sound designer for theatre and contemporary performance, and is completing a PhD in the Centre for Theatre and Performance at Monash University. His research project, “Sound Design: A Phenomenarchaeology” proposes a phenomenology of the relationship between theatrical sound designer and theatre audience through a metaphor of archaeology.

This sounds like an outstanding seminar as part of this incredible series lecturer Stacy Holman-Jones & the CTP have put together and will help invigorate the possibilities as to how amazing a Post-Grad can be!