Rave Reviews for The Disappearances Project

TDP_March_eDM2b7d05CTP Staff member Dr Yana Taylor has received terrific reviews for Version 1.0 The Disappearances Project, at the Brighton Festival. Selected as one of the Brighton Festival theatre highlights, it played on the opening night to a full house and received rave reviews.

“Those are some of the issues raised by Australian company version 1.0 in this verbatim show that offers a collage of the experiences of Australians who have been left behind by the disappeared. Making its European premiere as part of the Brighton festival, the hour-long static show is delivered by two actors – Irving Gregory and Yana Taylor, both superb – who sit facing the audience. The piece displays a frozen quality, its form mirroring the emotional state of those talking about the people they love, there one day and gone the next. **** Lyn Gardener, The Guardian, UK. Read more here

“pungent, powerful and thought provoking” Mary Kalmus, The Brighton Argus, UK. Read more here

“the content of The Disappearances Project is indeed bleak and beautiful. Bleak in its steadfast commitment to illustrating the hardship of the people’s experiences and beautiful in its simple unadorned delivery by its two performers” **** Hannah Rowlands, The Public Reviews, UK. Read more here

“The stark, filmic backdrop of travel through deserted streets by night echoed the sense of constant search for someone who wasn’t there and the discordant soundtrack added to the feeling of despair and malaise. It was powerful and deeply moving.” ***** Jenni Davidson, The Latest, UK. Read more here.

“They speak verbatim-style, conveying a sense of both raw communication and heroic composure, over the fluctuating tensions of Paul Prestipino’s bleak industrial sound-track” ***** Bella Todd, The Stage, UK. Read more here.